"The nurses, aides, and therapy staff were all wonderful. Everyone treated me well which I greatly appreciated. I wasn’t sure if I could go home after my surgery, but after I was able to get up and around after a few days of therapy I knew I made the right decision."
-- A. Fulkerson - Homeward Bound

"There is no place like home, but Logan Acres is very close. I have been here more than once and each time the staff is friendly and helpful, the rooms are clean and the food is good. I look forward to the visits from Blondie, my four-legged friend, who comes looking for treats. She is a great companion. When it’s time to say goodbye I feel like I'm treated like family."
-- K. Ralston - Homeward Bound

"I have great care at Logan Acres. I appreciate the fact that I can get up and go to bed when I want to and personalize my room. There are a number of activities that I take part in like playing cards, Bingo or the Wii. I also like to get my daily exercise in the Therapy room."
-- L. Meredith - Long Term Care

"I had knee replacement surgery and needed a place to stay until I could manage at home on my own and get my knee bending again. I found it at Logan Acres. Their physical and occupational therapists helped me get back on my feet. When I needed additional out patient therapy they were able to fulfill that need as well. I could work with the people who already knew my status instead of starting over with someone else. The staff is friendly and flexible with your schedule. They have been a big help to me."
-- J. Moore - Legacy Therapy & Homeward Bound

"We're in need of 24-hour assistance and have found the care here to be available when we need it. The staff is very courteous and pleasant, the facility is very homelike, and the cost is very reasonable for the size of the apartment."
-- J. and R. Roberts - Independent Living with Assistance

"The facility is just beautiful, and staff is always available to help when I need it. The flat monthly rate makes it easy to budget and it’s nice to know my rate won’t increase from month to month. It’s not just an apartment, it’s a home."
-- M. J. Covault - Independent Living with Assistance

"Thank you isn’t big enough. I felt very welcomed and at home at Logan Acres. I was worry free, even when a medical condition arouse because the nurses were quick to find a resolution. Everyone deserves a pat on a back for making my stay delightful and putting a smile on my face at every opportunity."
-- S. Ames -Homeward Bound

"Everyone at Logan Acres was wonderful to me. I felt like I had very good care and thought the food better than expected. The therapist were terrific and have made me feel 50 again!"
-- C. Jordan - Homeward Bound